About Us

Vina Apparel is a Vietnam based textile design & sourcing agency, helping fashion brands design garments/ graphics and manufacture private label garments from Vietnam factories. We are also representing clothing brands from all around the world for sourcing all kinds of raw material & manufacturing their design garments from Vietnam. Our specialized product groups are knitted and woven materials including tshirts, tops, polos, sweatshirts, hoodies, dresses, leggings, jumpsuits, bodysuits, denim, knitwear, shirts, wovens, underwear, socks and outerwear industries.

The experienced and efficient team of Vina Apparel is capable of handling any customized services that our customers are looking for. We are committed to provide our clients with worldclass service packages and generate high level of customer satisfaction.


Vina Apparel is a Vietnam company, partnering with a wide network of reliable factories in Vietnam, we can help you find your ideal supplier. We have been successfully connecting our clients with the right suppliers in order to produre high-quality products and services at a minimal cost from Vietnam.

Bridges the gap between suppliers and buyers

The country is increasingly drawing the attention of large number of potential investors and buyers in spite of challenges facing from other similarly developing economies such as Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines and India. Yet, there are several risks involved and challenges faced by international buyers. Corruption, communication issues and red tape are a few difficulties to name that the country is posing for buyers who are into sourcing on a standalone basis.

Vina Apparel can help you eliminate the potential risks involved in sourcing from Vietnam and bridge the gap between you and the manufacturers. Using our huge supplier contact basis and experience we can not only help you find and negotiate with the potential suppliers but also source the desired product and reduce the risk by overseeing the entire supply chain transaction.

Supported by an efficient quality monitoring team, we can also promise product quality and timely and safe delivery of your requirements based on the specifications.

Vina Apparel helps you identify your requirements

Our team of seasoned professionals begins the sourcing process by helping you define your real needs. This is done to ensure that each client has a great procurement experience which is based on quality at realistic prices. Our experts obtain the significant requirement data including quantity, product specification and standard from our clients and carry on evaluating and finding the ideal suppliers from Vietnam who meet the client's need in terms of actual sourcing requirements. We endure a painstaking sourcing process to optimize and maximize your procurement experience in Vietnam.

Vina Apparel offers Effective sourcing strategies

One of our principal goals is to help you gain maximum benefits while sourcing from Vietnam. Since Vina Apparel is a local and experienced sourcing provider. Dealing with hundreds of suppliers and clients over the last several years, we have explored the possibilities of Vietnam sourcing. We recommend a strategy that can help you improve your bottom line savings and ensure a competitive advantage. We are quite familiar with the supply base which Vietnam is strong at and can make suggestions based on our sourcing experience in Vietnam.

Why Vina Apparel?

We are truly capable of defining your actual procurement need and helping you from the very beginning of the sourcing process in Vietnam. As your trusted sourcing provider in Vietnam, we can:

- Provide A Complete sourcing solution

- Do a deep analysis of your sourcing requirements

- Do a proper evaluation of suppliers

- Ensure complete transparency and monitoring of all process

- Assure maximum quality and on-time delivery

- Factory tours

- Trade show tours

- Quality control

- Supplier background checks

- Lab testing (via a third party)

- Logistics and fulfillment (via a third party)

Company Details:

In short, we are an independent sourcing office based in Hung Yen, Vietnam (North of Vietnam). Our organization is simple and lean with an experienced team of 8-10 people:

- Sales & Merchandising team: 2 people

- Quality team: 2 people

- Highly experienced technical team: 2 people

- Admin and finance: 1 people

- Sampling room: 3 seamstresses

We focus exclusively on apparel products which we have extensive product expertise. What we do is simple. We work as a sourcing agent and assist our clients in locating, choosing and negotiating products. Helping them to ensure all orders are in good hands from pre-production work to order delivery and fulfillment


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