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- Are you’re looking to create an entire cut and sew collection with customization of your own, not just a simple printed apparel line?

- Do you just want to make a small order in the beginning, not thousands pieces?

- Are you new to this clothing industry and want someone to show you all steps?

- Are you worry about communication issue when sourcing oversea?


If you’re concerning any of above, you come to the right place. Vina Apparel was born in early 2010, we design to be small, keep production line work smart, neat and lean. Instead of 20-30 workers per line, we minimize to 5-7 only which mean 1 person will do multiple jobs include inspecting of their own products. This allows us to take in small order quantity of just 10pcs per style per colorway which compared that to the industry average of 1-2000pcs.

Our sales/ merchandising team speak English and ensure no misunderstanding or error caused by communication.

In addition, our accessibility to thousands of fabric, accessories and trims bring more choices to clients. Work is more efficient when we’re located in an eco manufacturing system where vendor/suppliers are just staying around. This helps us to complete any orders within only 4 weeks upon sample approval. You will be surprised when other manufacturers require at least 40-45 days upon fabric delivery to their place.


Vina Apparel is a made-to-order apparel manufacturer in Vietnam, also consider ourself as the one stop service center where we work with clients from the very beginning stages of sketches, then create tech pack, pattern making, developing samples, full production, private labeling, shipping and delivery to doorstep. Our offer of full package production (FPP) will help client more peace of mind so they can concentrate on sales and marketing. 

No. of worker: 30-50
Sample room capacity:  8-10 styles per week
Production capacity: 10,000 pcs per month

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