It’s a process of combining the different garment pieces where we cut the fabrics based on required pattern and sew them together to form a complete garment. We offer this service to satisfy any specific needs or requirements your garment must have. We are a one stop solution and offer everything from design to delivery to bring your ideas to life.

With more than 8 years of experience in cut and sew garment manufacturing, Vina Apparel is absolutely committed to creating quality cut and sew apparel. Our state-of-the-art cut and sew contracting facility has the capacity for large order contract cut and sew — but we are capable of working with both small businesses and start-up fashion lines as well.

With cut and sew manufacturing by Vina Apparel, you get completely customized garments created from raw fabrics and stitched to perfection by our experienced and dedicated seamstresses. It’s not just screen printing a mass-produced blank t-shirt — with cut and sew garment production, you are creating the garment, from fabric choice to stitch to final decorations. Go above and beyond the next brand — and produce truly custom apparel for your brand.

The variety of our printing & embroidery techniques available for sele...

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