Vina Apparel is one of the top procurement service providers with highly qualified professionals including auditing and inspection staff that sets us apart from other leading sourcing organizations across Vietnam. As a part of the procurement process, we provide auditing and inspections services aimed at improved bottom-line savings and sustainability, higher transparency, increased quality, and reduced risk.

Auditors perform purchase order reviews, supplier evaluation and selection process which boosts the effectiveness and efficiency of our procurement process. In addition to making sure that the supplier meets the buyer's approval criteria, we authenticate the vendor's ability to supply the product in accordance with the client's standards for quality, price, and delivery. The supplier selection process involves selecting the ideal supplier from an emerging and complex supply market. Further, we perform a Cross-check of the purchase order with the packing list, sale bill, and final invoice to make sure the item description, quantities and price match with all documents in hand.

Some of our audit programs include:

- Product evaluation

- Production monitoring

- Factory audits

- Product certifications

Our Features

Vina Apparel Ltd maintains a high level of quality by selecting ideal and reliable suppliers who associate with our product inspection team. We ensure the product quality through an efficient inspection process and confirm the production is according to the specification based on international manufacturing standard through a rigorous quality control process which starts from.

Our experienced inspection staff develops an inspection criterion on the basis of customer demands and suggestions. The criterion is designed to control and monitor the production process from the beginning to ensure quality and transparency. The criterion specifies material quality and requirements. Our inspection team performs the onsite inspection on a daily basis to make sure the production meets international production standards, adheres to customer specifications and complies with quality certifications.

With an in-house sampling room, Vina Apparel can assist all developmen...

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