With an in-house sampling room, Vina Apparel can assist all development process much faster. The sample is a product which represents a group of product or lot. The sample will reflect the quality and workmanship of the exporter or manufacturer. Garment samples are inevitably an important part of exporting. Sampling procedure in the apparel industry is an important activity for order acceptance.

The main purposes of the sampling process in the garment industry are given below:

  1. To allow the buyer to judge the production capabilities of the manufacturer.
  2. To provide a means for making revisions in the bulk production process.
  3. To let the manufacturer estimate the thread and fabric consumption, and develop cost quotations.
  4. To let the buyer know the potential of an exporter

As a service-oriented sourcing consultant in Vietnam, one of our principal objectives is achieving customer satisfaction by helping you materialize your ideas from napkin sketches according to your material specifications and quality. Our product development programs are aimed at accelerating bottom-line savings, brand growth, and profitability.

As a responsible procurement organization, Vina Apparel not only helps you source the right product from reliable suppliers but also helps you develop the desired product to benefit realization and to create a competitive advantage. Our product development programs are customer friendly and convenient that let you take part in the product design and development process. A team of committed professionals with infinite knowledge and experience in production analyses and validates your design. Our team of category experts, using our local and long term supplier relationship, starts price negotiations with potential suppliers and finds a capable and appropriate supplier.

Our committed workforce forwards your design to the ideal supplier with material suggestions and product specifications. Upon receiving pre-production samples created by the supplier we send them to you for approval. We ensure the production is according to specification and quality through our onsite inspections on a daily basis. Throughout the supply contract, we keep you updated about the ongoing manufacturing process via emails and our web-based tracking programs to make sure the production is finished within the specified time frame. Further, we perform a detailed quality inspection of goods before shipping out the consignments to promise quality compliance thereby enhance customer satisfaction.

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